Welcome to the Washington University in St. Louis Counseling Center Referral Service


Habif Health and Wellness Center is pleased to offer the following database to provide mental health referral resources in the St. Louis community. Here you can find information about various off-campus providers, including both therapists and psychiatrists. Please utilize this database to find off-campus services if you want longer-term treatment, specialized services, prefer an off-campus provider, or if you are not eligible to receive services at Habif Health and Wellness Center. The database was designed to help match your mental health needs and off-campus community mental health providers.



In the case of a serious, life-threatening situation, you should call upon the Emergency Support Team (EST) and ambulance services immediately.


Explain your exact location and describe what is wrong. Emergency help will arrive, evaluate the problem, and assist with transport to the nearest and most appropriate medical facility.

If the situation is urgent but not life threatening, during normal business hours please either come directly to Habif Health and Wellness Center or you may call us at 314-935-6695 and identify the situation as an emergency. When Habif Health and Wellness Center is closed, call 314-935-6666, and press option 1, then option 2 to speak directly with a mental health professional.


Other Resources: 

Additional information about accessing community mental health providers can be found here:


Referral information is based on providers voluntarily submitting their information to the Habif Health and Wellness Center referral database. These resources are not affiliated with the University and Habif Health and Wellness Center does not endorse or take responsibility for services provided by individuals/agencies listed.

The above list of clinicians is generated based on student preferences, presenting treatment needs, insurance coverage and availability. It is our goal to provide referrals that you are satisfied with and we welcome feedback about how your experience was with a provider in the database. Please contact the Habif Health and Wellness Mental Health coordinator by emailing MHSCoordinator@wustl.edu to inform us of your treatment experience or with any questions you may have. 


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